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PMG Maintenance
Instructions and information

Roof snow removal and ice dam removal


Our roof snow removal and ice dam removal services are billed on an hourly basis which starts at our arrival and ends at our departure (except if we take a break). Equipment preparation at arrival and its storage at departure as well as any other necessary work will be billed at the same rate as the service provided (roof snow removal or ice dam removal).

A minimum of 2 hours will be billed. Beyond this minimum the client can fix a maximum. We cannot be held responsible for any damage to the customer’s property or any inconvenience caused by unfinished work due to insufficient time allowed to remove problematic snow or ice.

2- Traveling

There are no traveling fees in the area normally served by PMG Maintenance. Inquire about our traveling fees if located beyond.

See our web page:

3-Emergency Service

An emergency service fee may be applicable if we must modify our schedule or when working at night.


Please provide at least one phone number to reach you.

We cannot know the time of arrival in advance but we will call at least 1 hour before arriving.

Information and guidelines for ice dam removal

1-In the case of ice dam removal we will need to connect our special hose to the outside garden hose spigot OR to a faucet inside the house (for example a laundry room sink).

2-Some meltwater from the ice on the roof will run down and may pool in certain areas and create some ice on the ground. We will manage this meltwater as best we can but we are not responsible for slippery surfaces. It is the client’s responsibility to apply an abrasive such as sand to slippery areas if needed after our departure.

3-Although very unlikely it is possible that an existing leak become worst and more apparent while work is underway. We cannot be held responsible for this.


Long driveway (more than 60 feet)

Please make sure the driveway is free of vehicles. If this is not possible and your driveway is at least two cars wide, please park your vehicle in the driveway about 20 feet from the street and leave as much room as possible so we can pass beside. (See picture on the right). 

PMG Maintenance Roof snow removal

Small or medium driveway (less than 60 feet):

Please park your vehicle further up in the street and leave the parking free and as much room as possible to park on the street in front of the house. (See picture on the right).

PMG Maintenance Roof snow removal
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