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PMG Maintenance - Ice Dam Removal

PMG Maintenance

Ice Dam Removal

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What is an ice dam?

An ice dam is a build-up of ice that forms most often on the edge of a roof and keeps meltwater or rain from running off. An ice dam can also form around roof vents, plumbing vents, dormers, skylights, valleys and flashings.

Click here to read : How is an ice dam formed?


Source: Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation

What are signs of an ice dam?

Here are a few signs an ice dam has built up:

1. Icicles are hanging at the edge of roof or at gutter line.

2. Water is dripping or ice is visible on siding or other exterior surfaces of home.

3. Water drips under the soffits or icicles are visible.

4. Signs of leaking inside the house (for example a bulge in the ceiling).


Is ice damming preventable?

Ideally steps would be taken to help avoid this issue in the first place. This is one reason why having the gutters cleaned and checked professionally before winter is important. See link below:

Throughout winter excess snow needs to be removed. No melting snow, no water leaks. See link below:

When shoud the ice dam be taken care of?

If the ice dam has already started to form, action must be taken to avoid or limit damage as soon as possible. Water leaks are not the only danger associated with ice damming.

The sheer weight of it can be risky enough. For example in the picture we can see this car was parked underneath an ice dam weighing roughly 5000 lbs (2267 kg). That's the equivalent of a full size pickup truck. Such an ice dam could break off or slide off at any time and could be deadly. Specialized professionals like PMG Maintenance should be called at once and signage used to prevent anyone from walking underneath in the meantime.

How will PMG Maintenance remove the ice dams?

PMG Maintenance uses dry steam to remove ice dams efficiently and safely. 

All other methods including the following are NOT recommended:

-Impact method (trying to break up the ice with a hammer, axe, sledgehammer and other striking tools or random objects).

-Cutting method (trying to remove chunks of ice with a chainsaw).

-Chemical method (trying to melt the dam using salt or calcium products).

-Hot water/ Wet steam method (trying to melt the dam by pouring hot water or using a hot water pressure washer).

All of these methods are inadequate as they are dangerous and/or inefficient and could cause more headaches while wasting precious time.

Underneath the ice are your roof, your eavesthroughing, and other important and delicate surfaces of your home in which you have invested thousands of dollars.

We at PMG Maintenance believe the proper tools should be used for the job at hand.

Using dry steam, PMG Maintenance can remove ice from almost any surface where it is causing issues. This includes sloped or flat roofs, balconies, frozen gates, stairs, around skylights etc.

What is dry steam?

Ice Removal (Other surfaces)

De-cing of concrete slabs and formwork on construction site. 

To avoid extending the deadlines and therefore the costs of your ongoing construction project, we can de-ice concrete slabs, formwork and other surfaces on construction sites in an efficient and safe manner. The surfaces will then be ready for pouring concrete.

Dry steam is a steam which contains less than 7% water.

This is what makes it ideal to remove ice dams very efficiently while being the safest of all methods.

Dry steam will NOT damage a roof while removing an ice dam.

PMG Maintenance specializes in removal of roof snow and ice dams.

For your protection and peace of mind:

- We own a 2,000 000$ liability insurance, covering roof snow removal and ice dam removal specifically.

- Our workers are covered by CNESST/WHMIS.

- We use dry steam to remove ice dams safely and efficiently.

- We use the proper safety equipment and work under rope and harness while on the roof.

- We provide a written quote, invoice and receipt.  

Just as important, we love what we do and have to heart each customer's satisfaction, striving to provide the best experience possible.

For your convenience, we accept the following payment options:

- Check to PMG Maintenance

- Cash

- E-transfer payable to

- PayPal (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discovery)

For more info:

Regie du batiment Quebec: Removing snow and de-icing


PMG Maintenance was fast to respond to 

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Pierre and his coworker worked nonstop

to get the job done efficiently and as required.

- Gib Rozon, Nepean

PMG Maintenance offer their

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Ottawa-Gatineau area.

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